What is an ACH API and How Can it Benefit Your Business?

An ACH API is able to offer the opportunity for developers and “software as a service” (SAAS) platforms to debit and credit bank accounts by making use of the ACH network by using an Application Program Interface, more commonly known as an API. This enables the automatic ACH payment collection, disbursement and reconciliation. If you have an application that makes use of a … Continuar leyendo

Of PEEPS Donuts and Donut Sticks in 2019

New donuts launched in two of the major fast-food chains in 2019. With the fierce competition among fast-food chains, it’s imperative for their management to introduce new products to encourage more customers into their restaurants. Dunkin’ Donuts and McDonald’s are no exception to the rule! Here are the new offerings that the fast-food giants have launched in recent months. We … Continuar leyendo